The award-winning VROOM Virtual Reality Training Toolkit lets you develop immersive training programs for your product. It features an easy to use icon-based visual flow programming toolkit and uses your existing CAD data. Once arranged, the training program can be run on any computer processor, from a basic 2D rendering system to a full body-tracked immersive virtual reality system.

Using cutting-edge Virtual Reality technology, VROOM allows you to approach your CAD data on a human scale and to a degree of detail previously unimaginable. You can even start the training process before the product is physically available, cutting down critical time-to-market. VROOM provides you with a slew of unique advantages that will surely optimize your training process.


“Trained engineers are hugely enthusiastic, our average appreciations has been 8.3 out of 10”


Leverage the value of your CAD assets

  • hangar_hmdStart training before your product is produced or available.
  • Speed up training of procedures with results comparable to physical product training, but in a risk-free and fun-to-use environment.
  • Design up-to-date customized life-like training procedures in-house, directly from your CAD package.
  • Adopt easy-to-learn and fast-to-deploy training methods.
  • Render trainings in fully immersive 3D systems and on 2D desktops.


Key benefits

engine_coverThe VROOM VR Training Toolkit is:

  • Compatible – start with your existing CAD assets, in any format
  • Easy-to-use – there is no training required
  • Didactically tested – Overall scores well over 80%
  • Quick – set up the entire program in one sitting
  • Easily modifiable – update and adjust your sequence and product design as you see fit
  • Flexible – training sequences can be executed on virtually any system
  • Life-like – virtual reality software is now extremely realistic and immersive
  • Safe – avoid the risks of a physical training
  • User-friendly – intuitive like you’ve never seen
  • Engaging/Entertaining – VROOM will keep your employees focused


How it Works

  • Export your 3D models to the VROOM Authoring toolscreenshot_author2
  • Create object behaviors from pre-configured object state and activity templates
  • Easily define procedures such as removing screws from an engine part
  • Copy and re-use templates you have already configured
  • Build training sequences simply by visually connecting activities with drag-and-drop arrows
  • Select from built-in physical tools such as screw drivers, torque wrenches and allen keys, and adjust their values
  • Add text to speech narration, feedback, animations and/or multi-media
  • Skip steps or instantly jump to any training step
  • Animate training steps, or the entire training
  • Built-in user-aids and verification options
  • Immediately run a fully immersive 3D training on any turnkey VR system


Deployment Options

The full power of the underlying Vizard software platform and its unmatched device connectivity comes into play, when you deploy your training in virtually any hardware configuration, be it on a 2D screen with a game controller, or immersing multiple networked users with 3D headsets and high-end hand interaction wands, or rendering on a multi-wall 3D projection system.


Oculus 3D Headset Wide-Area Walking

oculus_rotorAre you ready for the 3D headset revolution kicked off by Oculus, now Facebook? Literally walk around your own products in full scale and experience a stunning sense of immersion. Simply put on a 3D headset and you’re free to walk and explore naturally. Interact with the virtual world using a 3D wand or by wearing a data glove.