Main Features and Benefits

  • Start from existing CAD assets
  • Very efficient CAD->VR workflow which survives CAD design changes. Two mouse clicks incorporates the new design without having to redo your training.
  • Design and deploy full training procedures long before market launch
  • No need for any physical prototype: Train on unfinished or unavailable products
  • Easy-to-use: Trainers and training content developers require no programming knowledge
  • Speed up training processes greatly, cut down time to market
  • No limits to amount of steps or duration of training
  • Co-operative mode: Link together multiple (remote) users in the same virtual environment
  • Very flexible training-flow; create a strict training-path which the trainee has to follow, allow deviation from it or even a let the trainees discover things for themselves.

Life-like training activities

Require trainees to perform correct real-world motions for compelling training scenarios:engine_cover

  • Placing or removing
  • Pushing, sliding, screwing
  • Storing in and pulling from inventory
  • Rotating and hinging
  • Measuring
  • Touching
  • Cleaning
  • Animations
  • Simulated adjustments
  • Dependencies and interlocks
  • Simulated behaviour of parts

Physical tools inventory

Choose from standard physical tools, or add any tool you have a 3D model for:screenshot_author3

  • One or two hands
  • Screwdrivers
  • Torque wrenches with torque value
  • Allen keys with sizes

Configurable user aids

  • Text-to-speech of training descriptions in almost any language
  • Highlighting of items
  • Hints on next steps
  • Warnings and item annotation
  • Highlighting of possible target locations
  • Animations

 Straight from your own CAD data

  • Easily add items to the training
  • Add life-like materials and colors easlily, which will survive a CAD update
  • Uses state-of-the-art shaders to make your CAD model look awesome

Secure CAD handling

  • IP sensitive CAD files are hugely modified and simplified
  • Measurements, annotation and CAD attributes are removed or approximated
  • 3D Models can be encrypted using state-of-the-art AES encryption

Easy training development

  • Flowchart based visual programmingVR Symposium Eindhoven 2 -28-1-14
  • Choose from pre-defined building blocks
  • Simulated WYSIWYG environment
  • Unlimited amount of sections and steps
  • Add multi-media to any step (image, video, sound…)
  • Create interactive decision trees, based upon user action
  • Add avatars to point at things or explain stuff
  • Ask questions and use the answers as input for your training flow
  • Skip or animate steps anytime
  • Jump to any step instantly
  • Runs on any Virtual Reality setup supported by Vizard VR toolkit
  • Supports 2D windowed mode with mouse input
  • Full documentation and guidelines
  • Easily change or update existing training scenarios

 Import formats

  • Import a wide range of data sources directly or via Anark Core: SolidWorks, UG/NX, CATIA V4/V5, Pro/Engineer, Inventor, ParaSolid, 3DS Max, ACIS, VDA-FS, STEP, IGES, and more